Image of S.O.R. - "Sistem Organizirane Regresije" LP + CD (clear vinyl)

S.O.R. - "Sistem Organizirane Regresije" LP + CD (clear vinyl)


*** gatefold with CD - CLEAR VINYL ***


''S.O.R. do not pay regard to social norms. They reject all forms of state control and are against exploitation, profiteering and racism. They reject violence. S.O.R. approve real life and that is why they reject drugs. Becuse they mean escape from reality. They believe in good party, which means only party and no escape from reality. Their music is full of energy, with frequent rhytm changes, chaos and melodic changes. Do what you want, but not harm others. Punk is a vision of your protest'' BIGor, jan 2014

S.O.R. was formed 1984 and was the first HC band in Idrija, small town in Slovenia. Before they started playing Idrija had two strong punk bands: Kuzle and Sund, who has made some great tracks on the ex-Yu punk scene. S.O.R did something similar in the HC scene.

Between 1984-88, they visited the studio three times where they recorded several demos and managed to play on some of the biggest youth festivals in Ex-Yu.
On this LP you can find S.O.R. complete works with all studio and some live tracks.
In addition, there’s also a lot of photos and other memorabilia.

LTD 500 pressed LP's (200 black/200 red/100 yellow) in gatefold cover with inner sleeve and 2 inserts. 300 copies included CD version too. All songs are remastered!

label: NE! records, import